About Us

  Our original focus was on certified organic wines in 1989. Although organic wines are still a third of our business, we have grown into distributing quality value wines, specialty wines, increasing our west coast book and adding domestic and imported craft beers. We have just started our own Facebook page, and an online trade newsletter.

   All of our wines are under proper temperature control all year long. Wine is a delicate product which demands proper storage to reach its fullest potential of flavor. However, we feel this expense is well worth the cost in order to give you the customer the best possible product.

   All products in the catalog are state minimum retail prices for Ohio. Currently, we deliver weekly to the Cleveland, Akron, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo and Columbus metropolitan areas.

   Please email us at admin@naturalstatewines.com, or use the retail outlet link to find a retail store or restaurant nearest you.

   We are always open to your comments or suggestions. Thanks for visiting our website!